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Team members have come together with a single goal.
Years of programming and engineering experience.
Years of public service and official political affairs.
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Creating an inclusive network of endless possibilities for all life.

    December, 2020

    FreshCredit® Inc. filed formation of the nonprofit organization, The FreshCredit® Consultants Inc., and acquired an insurance surety bond. As we develop a transparent, fair, and inclusive system, we must keep public issues and global crisis at the forefront of our mission.

    January, 2021

    Round one beta testers round 1 are manually deployed through the nonprofit. This process takes 3 months for each cycle. Two cycles were completed. The nonprofit will govern the FreshCredit® network as a committee of specialized and educated advisors until it can be handed over to the community.

    April, 2021

    Beta testers round two results show that the process does indeed help users improve their credit score, better understand how to use credit, and want to continue learning in order to reap the full benefits of credit as a whole.

    June, 2021

    Results of the beta testers along with the clear way to improve the current models and numerous discussions with experts, political representatives, reputable organizations, and thousands of individuals who have signed up for the release of the beta application, we can conclude the need to build these products.

    July, 2021

    FreshCredit® Labs applies for federal trademarks for BlockID, BlockScore, and BlockIQ, allowing us to begin building technologies associated with globally recognized brand name products.

    August, 2021

    FreshCredit® Inc. applies for a utility patent. We begin the IP protection process to protect the community developers and engineers as we begin to build a global technology in an emerging economy.
    You're in good hands. Our team's background is well versed.
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